Miguel Ángel Rojas: new represented artist


17 of February 2023

We are please to announce the representation of Miguel Angel Rojas, whom we welcome to La Cometa.


Miguel Angel Rojas is an artist whose extensive career -more than 40 years- has addressed a multiplicity of topics. Some concerns cut across his research are sexuality, ecology, and the phenomenon of drug trafficking and its repercussions. For decades, Rojas has explored everything from photographic documents of clandestine gay encounters in the movie theaters of downtown Bogotá in the 1970s to the relationships between the illicit drug market and power elites.


The critical and evocative look, always present in his images, has led him to announce the causes and consequences generated by the armed conflict to the marginalized communities of Colombia, as well as the damage in the territories caused by extractive companies -legal and illegal- and the war on drugs. The former, without leaving aside themes of a self-referential nature, with the elaboration of proposals that have allowed him to delve into a critical and intimate introspection of his being, in a quest to reaffirm himself as an individual.


The freedom to work with marginal themes and materials led him to approach different art forms such as engraving, drawing, painting, video, photographic reductions, and installation, among others. His material exploration has included bodily secretions, coca leaves, dollar bills, and gold, among others. Thus, it is possible to identify another fundamental element in his work: the strong relationship between materiality and the symbolic content of his works.


Undoubtedly, Miguel Angel Rojas has been a vital reference for Contemporary Art in Colombia and Latin America, being a precursor in techniques and themes still in force and which he continues to approach sharply.


Welcome, Miguel Angel!