The Gallery


La Cometa is a project-based space designed to facilitate relationships between the viewer, the works of art, and the artists.

Galería La Cometa was founded over 35 years ago to contribute to the development of the local art scene. Since then, the gallery has been an exhibition space whose mission focuses on the representation, promotion and dissemination of mainly Latin American artists, becoming one of the most influential artistic platforms in the region. Today, La Cometa has four offices in three countries: Colombia (Bogotá and Medellín), Spain (Madrid) and the USA (Miami).


La Cometa is a project-based space designed to facilitate relationships between the viewer, the works of art, and the artists, through various expressions of contemporary art. In addition, the gallery's program seeks to incorporate Latin American Modern Art references, which provide a fundamental context for contemporary artistic creation.


The team at Galería La Cometa is proud to present these important projects so that we may align with our mission and exhibit the most influential Ibero-American Modern and Contemporary Art to the world.


Esteban Jaramillo

Founder and Director

Nicolás Jaramillo

Subdirector y Director comercial

Natalia Jaramillo

Human Resources Director

Paloma Jaramillo

Directora, Galeria la Cometa Madrid

Lucas Jaramillo

Director Galeria la Cometa, Miami

Esteban Jaramillo Aristizábal

Financial and Commercial Director

Andrés Córdoba

Commercial Director and Special Projects, Miami

Blanca Londoño

Directora, Galeria la Cometa Medellín 

Angélica Aramendiz

Assistant Manager

Patricia Olier

Finance Administrator

Paola Gómez

Financial Assistant

Juliana Rojas

Finance Assistant

María José Rodríguez


Andre Rincon


Amaya Ortuondo

Comercial, Madrid

Maria Camila Garcés

Comercial, Medellín

Janine Badel

Comercial, Medellín

Bryan Jarrín

Director of Design and Multimedia

Jaír Arenas

Design and Multimedia Assistant

Valentina Millán


Ana Cárdenas

Artistic Coordinator

Salome Arbelaez

Director "La Tienda" and Proofreader

Sandra Montenegro


Fernanda Martinez

General Assistant

Carolina Rengifo


Clara Jaramillo

Directorate of General Services and Logistics

Magnolia Peña

General Services

Magaly Zuñiga


Omar Acosta


Jorge Jaramillo


Alex Mayorga


Néstor Sáenz


Germán Paez

General Assistant, Miami