Camilo Restrepo: new represented artist


21 of April 2023

We are please to announce the representation of Camilo Restrepo, whom we welcome to La Cometa.


Restrepo experienced firsthand the rise of drug traffickers and the emergence of narcoterrorism, as he grew up amidst the mafias that affected all spheres of Colombian society and served as fuel for widespread violence and inequality. His repeated encounters with these contexts led him to question many aspects of his artistic creation, composed of multiple layers of meaning and unstable entities that, when intertwined, produce coherent and compact compositions.


His main theme is the current global battle between truth and fiction, which in Colombia is manifested in the intersection of violence and popular culture. His work evidences the clear connection between drug trafficking and the elites and the ways in which it has distorted reality in such a way, that the credibility of its representation in the press and social networks is questionable. Restrepo satirically criticizes the failed war against drug trafficking and tries to rename it and give a new aspect to this period of Colombian history that accompanies us to this day.


It is fundamental in his work to provide a counter-narrative where the authorities and civil society will never do so. This indicates to the viewer the legitimacy behind his particular humor arising from representations that may seem chaotic, but are morally and objectively put at the service of truth. For this reason, he assures that as long as this prohibitionist approach persists, it is essential that art insists on criticizing and unveiling the different forms of violence that the utopia of a drug-free society entails.


Welcome, Camilo!