Liliana García: new represented artist


2 of August 2023

We are pleased to announce the representation of Colombian artist Liliana García, whom we welcome to La Cometa.


Liliana García (Medellín, Colombia. 1977) develops her research and creation processes in the field of visual arts, exploring questions that address relationships with space and objects. In particular, the artist focuses on bodies that present physical alterations and, for this reason, perform some of their functions differently from the average population, something that, in turn, places them outside the statistical norm.


In an initial phase, García collects life experiences through bibliographic reviews of individuals who have experienced functional diversity and who have decided to publicly share their testimonies. From these accounts, questions arise about the dimension of the other who moves differently, leading to the creation of objects and spaces that exist outside of normalization and enable new perspectives on what is considered functional.


Welcome, Liliana!