Launch of Hijas del Agua


Ana González and Ruvén Afanador

20 of January 2020

The exhibition will be shown from February 25 to May 23, 2021 in the Modernidades room of the National Museum of Colombia. The exhibition by the photographer Ruvén Afanador and the artist Ana González is a tribute to the ancestral indigenous communities that have inhabited Colombia for thousands of years in harmony with the natural and mystical of their cosmogonies.


Hijas del agua is made up of 50 photographs and various objects related to the Wayuu, Kogui, Yagua, Tucano, Gunadule, Uitoto, Misak, Yucuna, Arhuaco, Pachacuarí, Nukak, Kamëntsá, Koreguaje, Emebera Chamí, Inga, Nasa indigenous communities and wounaan. Photo: Catalina Olaya. Taken from