Juan Baraja at the Museo ICO


With the exhibition "Contra todo lo que reluce: Efectos del tiempo"

2 of June 2022

Museo ICO presents "Contra todo lo que reluce: efectos del tiempo", a photography exhibition by Juan Baraja, framed in the official section of PHotoESPAÑA. Fundación ICO and Museo ICO have joined the project on the work of Juan Baraja developed by the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia (FCAYC) and presented in 2020 at its headquarters in Cerezales del Condado (León) with the title "Olvidados del tiempo", expanding its scope and completing it with a new photographic assignment and a book. Curated by Alfredo Puente, like FCAYC, the exhibition can be visited from June 2 to September 11, 2022.


"Contra todo lo que reluce: efectos del tiempo" is made up of eight series of photographs and is the most complete selection of the author's projects collected to date. Between the first of the series -Norlandia, 2014- and the last -Y vasca / Euskal Y, 2022, still in process- almost a decade has passed. The eight series are: Norlandia, Experimento Banana, Cerezales, Águas Livres, Parnaso, Hipodromo, Utopie Abitative and Vasco Y / Euskal Y.