Glenda León at "La belleza será convulsa o no será" - MAMM


10 of May 2023

Glenda will participate at the group exhibition from the Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (MAMM) "La belleza será convulsa o no será" curated by Érika Martínez Cuervo with the work "Escribiendo en mi cabeza" (2023). This group show goes from may 10th to july 9th and explores the presence of erotism in the processes of artistic creation and reflects on the work of art as a living entity that provokes humanity. The expression "La belleza será convulsa o no será" by André Breton (Nadja, 1928), suggests that beauty brings something different and unknown: the passion for the irrational, for the imagination, for the surreal, and for the incomprehensible.