Solo exhibition by Glenda León "Cada forma es una forma del tiempo" at the Miró Mallorca Foundation


21 of June 2023

Glenda León's work reveals a holistic conception of the universe. She constantly explores and discovers the beauty of the smallest - yet immeasurable - details of everyday life that are invisible to us or go unnoticed. The artist bets on a continuous process of re-signification of objects, forms, and materials to remind us that we are part of an interconnected whole.


This sense of her art is explored in the exhibition "Cada forma es una forma del tiempo", closely related to the notion of self-similarity in Benoît Mandelbrot's well-known fractal theory, a mathematical way of understanding the infinite complexity of nature.


The idea that certain patterns reproduce and branch out as they change scale is initially assumed by Glenda León in parallel with the work of Joan Miró.


This exhibition will run from June 21 to October 29, 2023.


*Text and images courtesy of the Miró Mallorca Foundation.