Alejandro Sánchez at the XII Luis Caballero Award


13 of July 2023

The Barrio project (Inquiry into Solid Structures and Stable Economies), by Alejandro Sánchez and nominated for the XII Luis Caballero Prize, will open today, July 13, 2023, at the Santa Fe Gallery.


Barrio is a sculptural and audiovisual installation, as well as an architectural intervention that explores the idea of structure and the notions of fragility and stability in both physical and symbolic senses.


Barrio reflects on how we inhabit an unequal country, where difficulties in accessing housing demonstrate that notions of protection and stability differ for entire social groups.


The project was also designed to contribute to improving the material conditions of three educational and community service centers on the Atlantic coast, Pacific coast, and in the central region of the country through community and collective work.