Adam Goldstein: artistic residency at Casa Santa Ana


3 of October 2023

We congratulate Adam Goldstein for his residency at Casa Santa Ana in Panama City, which through exhibitions of renowned international or local artists, seek to open dialogues that allow us to better understand each other and make art relevant and accessible to all.


The works of Adam Goldstein (1989) go beyond the purely visual, as they manage to fit the infinite within the limited. Reminiscent of the purest trends of abstraction from the twentieth century, he works with light and color, elements that, since then, shape the ethereal dimension of the abstract and act as dynamic layers of matter, merging the mysterious depth with the obvious surface. Color is used by Goldstein as a mediation between these complex layers of matter and, by entering into dialogue with the changing light, reveals to us the poetic instant that is accessed.


Congratulations Adam!